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We are back with spectacular shows

Both Show Durations Typically Range From 65 To 75 Minutes, with Variations Primarily Due To Interactive Segments.

1st Show 9:50 AM

Hispania American Show

We are delighted to introduce the “Hispania American Show.” This captivating journey through the cultural richness of Hispanic America and Spain seamlessly blends music and dance to captivate your students and enhance their Spanish language learning experience.

Our show commences with a spectacular opening, merging a live band with ballet, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. From Salsa to Son Cubano and the vibrant Puerto Rican style, our performers will transport you through the most exciting Latin rhythms. We then take you on a tour from Cordoba, Spain to Argentina with Chacarera and Tango. Our production also pays tribute to Pop Latino with iconic tracks before landing in Colombia to explore the freshness of Fruta Fresca, Champeta, and Cumbia.

Finally, our show culminates in an exciting Tablao Flamenco, featuring captivating Sevillanas and concluding with an interactive Rumba where the students get to join the performers on stage.

We look forward to your presence and that of your students on this unforgettable voyage.

* limit tickets per school due to security and limited space reasons

2nd Show 11:00 AM

IN-teractions Music & Dance

Interactions: Music & Dance – A Fusion of Rhythm and Grace” invites audiences on a mesmerizing journey where music and dance seamlessly intertwine to create an extraordinary showcase of artistic expression. The performance opens with a captivating fusion of live music and ballet, setting the stage for a spectacular experience. 

The heart of Spain comes alive in “Suite Española,” featuring traditional Spanish dances that evoke passion and authenticity. 

The Flamenco class offers a closer look at the intricate artistry of Flamenco, while “Suite Latina” transports the audience to the lively world of Chachachá, Salsa, Musical, and Merengue. 

The show culminates in a grand finale, celebrating the musical legends of Latin America with infectious rhythms, inviting the audience to join the dance. “Interactions: Music & Dance” is more than a performance; it’s an immersive journey into the soul of music and dance, showcasing the power of artistic expression to connect people across boundaries. Attendees can expect an evening filled with rhythm, passion, and interaction, leaving them with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for cultural diversity.

* limit tickets per school due to security and limited space reasons

Both shows are designed to complement each other but can be enjoyed independently.

Due to the availability of theaters or event sites, HFB reserves the right to modify, change or cancel dates with prior notice to our clients.

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The health and safety of our artists, students, and teachers is our top priority. We all know this is a critical moment in our world, with new developments unfolding daily with respect to the COVID-19 virus.

The backbone of Hispanic Flamenco Ballet is our performing group of dancers and musicians. Due to the escalation of the pandemic, and after careful consideration, we have decided to postpone the Spring 2020 tour and send our artists and office employees home so they can be with their families and loved ones.

The economic impact caused this novel virus is yet to be determined. The cost of organizing an entire tour, reserving theatres, and covering travel expenses of artists is a significant investment. 

Despite that, we want you to know we can offer a 100% refund credit towards the upcoming tour. You can reach us at any time, but please note we are working with minimal office staff, from our home offices.

We are all in this together, joining forces against an invisible enemy. Thank you for your solidarity, patience and understanding. Hispanic Flamenco Ballet promises to keep you posted as new information becomes available.

Stay healthy and safe.

Jorge Ceron
Founder, Managing Director